Cotton mask available now!

People used to pair pocket square with business shirts in order to create a decent look. Nowadays, mask could be part of fashion too!

Using the same cloth for shirt & mask makes people feel more neat and consistent. Moreover, cotton mask is very breathable and comfortable, it also minimize the skin allergy. A Timeless Tailor could even put on monogram on the mask for such personalized item.

Our master tailors use 3 layers of cloth & add a PM2.5 filter (which consists 5 layer of Melt-blown polymer, Nonwoven fabric and Activated Carbon fiber) for this 3D mask. The filter could be used for 70 hours. *Each mask will receive ONE free filter, or available for USD 10 / One pack (10 pcs).

Mask also available in waterproof cotton and denim. There are a few color options too! Contact us for more info. and order now. We wish you all safe & healthy!

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